Always on time, always on target

Samuel Henderson, professional legal and patent translator

I am a professional translator of patent and legal documents from Korean, French, German and Dutch into English.  I hold a certification in each of these language pairs, and have eight years of full-time translation experience in the patent and legal translation field. I specialize in the translation of Korean pharmaceutical patents and prior art.

I am a proud Shimer College graduate and am currently a JD candidate at Valpo Law. I also hold a master’s degree in applied linguistics.

In addition, although I do not have a conventional technical background, I have passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Examination (Other Disciplines).

For more information about me, please see my or American Translators Association profile.

If you’re interested in working with me on a translation project, you can contact me here, or by telephone at +1-312-970-0844.

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